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English to Polish Translations

We take care of translating all the documents that could be useful to you in the exercise of your functions and the daily operations: websites, whitepapers, articles, etc., and even the various contents relating to cryptocurrencies that might interest you and allow you to move forward. High-quality translations by experienced native speakers are guaranteed.

Article Writing and Publications

Articles on the topics of your choice. All articles that are tagged as "sponsored" will also be published on the Polish website If that's not enough, we can contact other Polish portals and help you make a deal with them too!

Brand Awareness

We can create your project profile on You can add your logo, customized banner, team members’ profiles, and a project description that we will translate or write for you. You can also add your products (games, wallets, apps, etc.) to our catalog and mark them as sponsored, which will display them on the home page of There are plenty of possibilities to advertise on Blokpres.


We take care of the consulting to put you in touch with our best contacts among the most famous on the market: helping projects to enter the Polish market, creating contacts with the best local websites and media, taking care of press releases in the native language, and even helping with your Polish community.

Abstrakcyjne linie

How popular is crypto in Google searches in Poland?

Crypto is growing in every country, and Poland is no exception. Data clearly shows that Google searches are at a high level even when compared to other big European countries...

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