How popular is crypto in Google searches in Poland?

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Crypto is growing in every country, and Poland is no exception. Data clearly shows that Google searches are at a high level even when compared to other big European countries. However, the Polish market is highly underestimated by crypto projects.

According to the keywords analytics tool KWFinder, the average searches per month in the last 12 months of keywords (ofc in Polish) were:

  • "bitcoin price" was 262,000

  • "bitcoin" -170,000

  • "price of bitcoin" – 94,200

  • "cryptocurrencies" -70,000

Just these four keywords numbers are high, and there are many more related keywords with 30,000+ searches.

This data shows 12 months' average monthly searches. If we look at the shorter, more recent six-month timeframe, we get even bigger numbers. For example, "bitcoin" has 230,000 searches, "bitcoin price" 394,000, and "price of bitcoin" 131,000. "Cryptocurrencies" is also way more popular in a shorter timeframe, with 101,000 searches per month.

The peak in May showed the real potential as all the keywords were exploding. The most popular "bitcoin" related keyword gained more than 550,000 searches in May.

Poland vs. Spain

The Spanish market is one that projects are investing in. However, if we compare Poland and Spain using the same analytics tools and only for searches in the respective native languages, then Poland is very close to Spain.

Of course, the most popular keyword in Spain is "bitcoin," with 385,000 searches on average per month. The keyword "bitcoin price" is searched 117,000 times, and "price of bitcoin" is less than 50,000. "Cryptocurrencies" was searched 91,600 times per month.

As we can see, "bitcoin" is much more popular in Spain. However, on the other hand, Poles are way more interested in checking its price.

Poland vs. France

Another big crypto market is France. In this case, “bitcoin” is searched an average of 426,000 times, "bitcoin price" 221,000, and "price of bitcoin" 130,000 times per month. However, "cryptocurrencies" are searched only 34,000 times per month.

As we can see in France, Bitcoin searches are more popular than in Poland and Spain, but cryptocurrencies are searched much less. Of course, everything was checked in Polish, Spanish, and French to compare the few most searched keywords.

Poland vs Italy

In this case, “bitcoin” is searched an average of 276,000 times, "bitcoin price" 37,000, and "price of bitcoin" 56,500 times per month. "Cryptocurrencies" are searched 67,000 times per month.

I think these numbers are surprising to you, but yes, cryptocurrencies are a little more popular in Poland than in Italy however, how often do companies invest in the Polish market compared to Italian?

Is it worth investing in Polish translations?

It is quite obvious that Poles are searching using the Polish language much more than English. Bitcoin is Bitcoin in Polish, but cryptocurrency, price, data, etc., is not the same. English words are looked at seven to ten times less than Polish in Poland.

The potential here is huge. People are looking for investment alternatives, and its looks like the government is unwilling to ban crypto at the moment or in the near future.

The answer is obvious to us. It is worth spending some cash on translations and marketing in Poland, but it is up to you and your business. If your opinion is that numbers are not high, then you probably shouldn't invest in Poland or most of the other European countries. You need to analyze that data yourself, maybe find your source, and compare it to ours.

If you wish to open up to the growing crypto market, let us know!

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