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The Polish crypto market is growing as fast as in other countries. More and more people are looking to learn about the industry, and your project should be easy for people to learn about.


Anything you need to be translated to Polish. Articles, White Papers, Websites, and more. It's up to you!

Research and Analysis

Deeply researched articles on blockchain projects, whole market or one sector of the market and comparisons

Article Writing and Publications

Great sponsored articles about your project. Written or translated and published

Brand Awareness

Add your company, team profiles, and products to the Blokpres catalog. Sponsor your company on the home page, buy banners, and more!

English to Polish Translations

We take care of translating all the documents that could be useful to you in exercising your functions and daily operations: websites, whitepapers, articles, etc., and even the various types of content relating to cryptocurrencies that might interest you and allow you to move forward. High-quality translations by experienced native speakers are guaranteed.

Brand Awareness

We can create your project profile on Blokpres.pl. You can add your logo, customized banner, team members’ profiles, and a project description that we will translate or write for you. You can also add your products (games, wallets, apps, etc.) to our catalog and mark them as sponsored, which will display them on the home page of Blokpres.pl. There are plenty of possibilities to advertise on Blokpres.

Article Writing and Publications

Articles on the topics of your choice. All articles that are tagged as "sponsored" will also be published on the Polish website Blokpres.pl. If that's not enough, we can contact other Polish portals and help you make a deal with them too!

About us

Masters of Nodes was founded in 2018 as a traditional educational and informational medium for anyone to discover and enjoy the cryptocurrency industry while enjoying its long-term benefits.


In 2021 the company was rebranded to focus on helping projects enter the growing Polish crypto market. We are the company that sells advertising space on Blokpres.pl, but we can help with all the other services, including translations made by native Polish speakers with significant experience in crypto, market research, consulting, and more.

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